Unforgettable Holiday Experience.Street Food In Dubai…


Dubai | Image Resource : esdconference.com

Dubai a pulsating city in the United Arab Emirates is a tourist heaven. Famous for its luxurious shopping, ultra modern architecture and a lively night life. This city pulsates with a spectacular mix of people form various parts of the globe which gives us an experience to relish diverse cuisine. When in Dubai, street food is a pleasure to indulge and definitely worth it. Street food scenario in Dubai is impossible outdoors due to its extreme humid climate. While in Dubai indulge in some addictive food served to please the foodie soul!!!

Street food joints in Dubai

Persian cafeteria

The name is synonymous to authentic to Persian falafel which is unique in flavor and taste. Located in the heart of old Dubai this oldest food joint which serves lip smacking falafel is a popular all time favorite for locals and tourists. Persian falafels are classic since they bring out a harmonization of flavors. The sandwich which consists of a wrap of traditional Lebanese bread deep fried falafel and veggies tingles your taste buds.

burj al arab

burj al arab | Image Resource : staticflickr.com

Bu Qtair

Bu Qtair is a small sea food joint along the jumeriah beach. This place offers delicious fresh shrimp and fish. Specially crafted for foodies this eatery serves a simple menu of sea food which will kindle your taste buds. Enjoy the catch of the day which might be prawns or fish at this cheep and cheerful seafood shack which lies in the shadow of Burj Al Arab.

Al Mallah Cafeteria

Al Mallah is a legendary place which has a reputation as one of the city’s best Arabic and Lebanese food joint. The elaborate menu has the potential to satisfy any hungry pang. Dine like a king on a limited budget opt for succulent shawarma, grilled meats. Also don’t forget to taste crunchy salads and thirst quenching fresh fruit juices.

Ravi restaurant

There are great eateries selling exotic food although there is nothing grand this place has excellent food which has an authentic taste. Ravi restaurant is worth seeking out for biryani,naan and spiced gravies and delicious tikkas.while in Dubai  don’t miss this east going restaurant which offers scrumptious meal. Enjoy versatile, appetizing Pakistani food at Ravi restaurant.

Bodega street food

Located in Diera, bodega street food is a funky fillipino restaurant. The menu is very exciting…the BBQ and grilled beef will definitely spike up the drool quotient. For a sweet end this restaurant offers famous Filipino desserts like turontado and iskramble which is marshmallows drenched in creamy milk.relish to your hearts content.

Live like a royal at Dubai’s iconic Burj Al Arab rooms.

Burj Al Arab rooms

Burj Al Arab rooms | Image Resource : jumeirah.com

Live it up at Dubai…at Burj Al Arab rooms Jumeriah, an incredible array of luxury facilities and services await you. Situated on its own island this impressive place is massive, extremely colorful and has a spectacular view. This place features signature restaurants, spas and various other amenities. Pamper yourself and grab a bite at the hotel’s restaurant. Plan your trip to this glittering city of Dubai and enjoy the sights and smells of this holiday destination. Here is much more to street food in Dubai than listed above, best explored when you visit this world famous tourist heaven.


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